Lirik Lagu NIKI – Every Summertime, OST. Sang Chi: Baby, I’d Give Up Anything to Travel Inside Your Mind


SUMEDANG.JABAREKSPRES.COM – Berikut lirik lagu Every Summertime yang dinyanyikan NIKI.

NIKI yang bernama asli Nichole Zefanya merilis lagu Every Summertime pada Agustus 2021 silam.

Lagu ini juga menjadi original soundtrack film Marvel yang berjudul Sang-chi.

Lirik Every Summertime – NIKI:

[Verse 1]

Eighteen, we were undergrads
Stayed out late, never made it to class, uh
Outer Richmond in a taxi cab
You were sweatin’ bullets on the way to my Dad’s
And oh, you said, “Baby, think?we’re?movin’?too fast!”

[Pre-Chorus 1]

And I swear the magnolias flashed a smile (Flashed a smile)
And that’s when I caught me hopin’ you’d stay a while (Stay a while)

Baby, I’d give up anything to travel inside your mind
Baby, I fall in love again come every summertime
My daddy taught me to choose ‘em wisely but you don’t have to try
‘Cause, baby, I fall in lov? every summertim?

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